How Decor Trends Are Really Set

How Decor Trends Are Really Set


Decor trends for the year have been set! Have you noticed that every store you go into has the same offerings in the home decor departments? This is because the color scheme and patterns for this year were decided and set awhile ago.


Without going into the politics of the decision committees, let me just summerize that there are determined "colors of the year" and "patterns of the year" and they are all delayed as they are partially or fully embraced, starting with the fabric/textile industry. What the textile industry agrees are the colors and patterns that will be poplular, they schedule to be put into production. This itself is a process, which generally entails imported production. 


The manufacturing industry then sells to the wholesale industries such as the fashion and home decor and they then produce items such as (in the case of decor) matching comforters and throw pillows. The wholesale industry then show their new wares during two main market seasons a year, orders are placed, and sometime in the two to six months that follow, retail stores start to get the new trends into their store displays. This takes about a year when all is done.  


Back in 2021, dealing with over a year of the pandemic pushing the need to work from home or to isolate for extended times at our homes, the idea of bringing nature into our living/working space became an important push for our state of mind.  We are just now seeing the fruit of this work.


Trends right now are leaning towards modern neutral with greens and muted blues. The greens are often those you can find in nature with the patterns and art often being a depiction of botanicals. Many designers are using live plants or simulated plants to add depth to the living space.  


Want to jump in and work on a new home project using these inspirations? Let us help you! Have you used any of our art in your projects and have pictures to share? Drop us a line at

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